ALEMCA IoT Connectivity and remote management

Easy connect and secure your remote systems

Unified solution for remote systems management.

Ease your operations teams, enhance security, optimize connectivity and monitoring

Be ready for NIS 2 Cybersecurity directive with ALEMCA Zero-Trust Remote Access solution

Trusted by experts

10 000+ systems connected


Move faster and get more value with seamless control. ALEMCA enables you to connect and secure remote systems without complex network setups.
Deploy a secure network in a few clics without specific hardware or software requirements.

Optimize your operations and reduce costs by enhancing the reliability and security of your installations.

Create new user experiences with ALEMCA thanks to its unique key features :


Lifecycle management is made easy.

Core Inventory

User-friendly way of managing your devices and permissions


Device and Network monitoring

IoT Data

Collect, transform, optimize and deliver your data


Monitor and manage multi-providers SIM Cards


Firmware and configuration Update Over-The-Air


Automatic remote deployment and configuration


Advanced identity-based access control systems and encryption technology


Zero-Trust On-Demand Remote Access

Short Remote

Time-limited and service filtered remote access for external users


Zero-Trust signed remote command execution system


All connections are 'on-demand'; no permanent connections.

Mutual Encryption

All communications are secured with mutual TLS (Transport Layer Security)

Log & Events

Full systems and users logging. Ready for security audit


Reduce setup and operational costs; Everything is included within ALEMCA.

No hidden costs, no surprises.

Avoid setting up and maintaining a dedicated infrastructure and team. Thanks to ALEMCA key features and services:

  • Instant and automatic deployment
  • Managed service with 24/7 support
  • Always up-to-date
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Pay as you go

Reduce cybersecurity risks in seconds and prepare for the NIS 2 directive

ALEMCA is a Zero-Trust Remote Management solution that offers secure and controlled access to your remote systems. It is designed to safeguard your systems from cyber threats and unauthorized access.

  • Zero-Trust Remote Access
  • Identity-based access control
  • Encrypted communication
  • Secure remote command execution
  • Time-limited and service filtered remote access for subcontractors and externs
  • Comprehensive system and user logging
  • Automatic certificate and token renewal
  • Centralized updates

Remote management is made easy with ALEMCA

ALEMCA is designed to simplify the user experience and make remote management easy and efficient. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage your devices, networks, services and users in a few clics.

With ALEMCA, you can easily monitor and manage your devices, networks, services and users from a single platform. You can also automate tasks, set up alerts and notifications, and access real-time data and analytics.

  • Web device management
  • No user client installed
  • All in one
  • Connect new device with one command line
  • Remote acces in one clic ! No IP, No Port to remember !
  • Agnostic solution, compatible with all platforms

ALEMCA Use Cases

Centrale solaire

Power plant network access

Connection of power plants, securing installations, network monitoring and data reporting, managing access for internal and subcontractor personnel, multiprotocol data collection, remote command transmission, network clearing, coupling authorization...

Machine industrielle

Industrial systems monitoring

Data collection and reporting for energy monitoring, remote maintenance, access management for internal and subcontractor personnel, transmission of production instructions...

Borne de charge de véhicule électrique

EV charging connectivity and remote access

Internet connection for EV Charging, securing and optimizing data flows, interconnecting with client applications, network monitoring and anomaly detection. Remote technician intervention.

Caméra de surveillance

CCTV Connectivity

Stable and redundant internet connection providing, securing and monitoring connectivity, simplifying deployments and maintenance, providing temporary access to cameras and NVRs for remote surveillance operators.

Ville moderne

Smartbuilding connectivity and management

Provide a stable and redundant internet connection, securing remote access, and simplifying technical interventions. Management of a heterogeneous system fleet in a unified environment.

Ampoule d'idée

Your connected projects

Thanks to its flexibility and comprehensive features, ALEMCA adapts to all sectors of activity. ALEMCA can also add specific functionalities upon request for your projects.

Ready to use solutions

The use cases for the ALEMCA solution are numerous and customizable. To easily discover the solution, the ALEMCA teams offer two packaged offers. Have a call with our experts to customize yours

ALEMCA Telecom

A high-performance and resilient Multi-Operator dynamic subscription for professionals.

Performance and resilience

Connection to the best available operator and automatic switchover to another operator in case of service degradation.

Custom plans tailored on your needs

Choice of subscription duration, data volume, subscription pooling, metering, metered usage exceedances...

Simple and intuitive management interface

Management and supervision of SIM cards and subscriptions in a simplified interface. Management of rebilling for resellers.

Multi-carrier national and international

One SIM card for 600 carriers in 180 countries.

4 carriers in France :

Logo Orange Logo Bouygues Logo SFR Logo Free


Multi-protocol : 2G - 3G - 4G - 5G - LTE-M - SMS - Voice
Multi-Format : 2FF, 3FF, 4FF et eSIM
In partnership with Tele 2 IoT MNO

Logo Tele 2

ALEMCA Gateway

Plug-and-Play 4G-5G Router: Ready-to-Use, Simple, and Reliable for Professionals. Ready to plug in: no setup required, provides internet connection immediately upon plugging in, no skills needed.
  • High-performance 4G-5G internet connection on professional network
  • Ideal for primary internet connection or as backup for a Fiber or ADSL link
  • The package includes an Alemca router equipped with Alemca technology, support from ALEMCA Team and a SIM card.
  • Provides access to ALEMCA services: Monitoring, Remote Access, Data Flow Optimization, Access Security, Data Encryption...

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